I love this!

Grudges accomplish nothing. All they do is keep you focused on the past and stuck.  Seems to me forgive and forget is the best policy.

Keep your hands free to catch all the blessings that come your way.



Hurt People!

Hurt People

It is sad that most patterns continue generation to generation including hate?! Good news is we can each do something about it.

I remember hearing a story about a woman who always cut the legs off her Thanksgiving turkey because her Mom did, her Mom did because her Grandmother did. Come to find out the Grandmother cut them off because the oven was too small to hold a whole bird in her day. Until someone asked the question, this kept on through 3 generations…. It is the same with hate…. Some people don’t even know why they hate and do things or act a certain way. SAD!

But we can be sympathetic to those that treat us badly. We can know that they may not know any better and have not really questioned why they act the way they do. Greet those people with love and forgiveness. Pray that someday they will come to understand and change their ways!



I love what Tyler Perry has to say here…. If we don’t forgive then we are living in the past and we are stuck. Once we forgive it allows us to start walking forward.

Personally, I have never understood why anyone would hold a grudge against anyone and not forgive them. What purpose does not forgiving have? What does it do for you? Make you feel superior? What does that do? The other person doesn’t care. And why stoop to their level?

I think forgiving and moving forward is the best bet. You?